Pet photography

Robert is an experienced and expert dog photographer. Each day, weather permitting you will receive a selection of photographs of your dog. You can see first hand how much fun they are having.

“Thank you so much for those brilliant photos. You’ve really captured the different aspects of Poppy’s personality. She looks like a wild dog, all scruffy and messy, but I like that! The natural setting is wonderful. I really appreciate you sharing that talent with us.
Can’t wait to show the rest of the family,”


“Anyone can point a camera at a dog but only a rare few can capture their personality. Robert has the gift to capture on film the qualities of our dogs which we thought were only apparent to ourselves. That is why Robert’s photo of our dogs feature with prominence in my office.” – Anthony

“Wow! We were blown away, what wonderful shots, you have really captured her. How lovely of you to have taken so many photos and then go to the trouble of sending them. They are a fabulous record and we both thank you so much” – Jane & Gavin