” Sophie Offen

Robert clearly knows what he is talking about when it comes to dogs! It’s only been a week, but I can’t believe how much Frankie has improved walking on a loose leash. Goes out of his way to be helpful even after the consultation also. Would highly recommend

” Aidan Cliffe

We had our first session with Robert today and from the word go he was great. His knowledge and commitment to what he does is top notch and he is very easy going and friendly. We learned so much from our 2 hour session and our beagle puppy Freddy really enjoyed it too. Look forward to working with him as our little guy grows up. Thanks again

” Koala Eco

We couldn’t recommend Robert enough. He is magic with dogs as his strategies and techniques worked almost immediately. We are encouraged by how well our Aussie Shepherd Matilda has responded. Robert has a way of being firm, while using positive reinforcement which made Matilda trust him and respect him immediately. We are grateful.

Claire May

Robert is unique as he truly cares about each dog getting the most enjoyment out of life! He actually taught my dogs to trust me so that they would be more relaxed and sociable around other dogs. Now when we go on walks, my dogs play with other dogs rather than bark and run away. Thanks to Robert, my dogs enjoy their walks with me even more!

– Claire May


Two months ago my son got a 4 month old rescue Kelpie.  A very cute dog with lots of attitude!  . I met Rob while on a walk in Centennial Park.  Rob kindly came over and offered me some simple but valuable advice. Over the past 2 months, Rob has worked with our  Kelpie  and advised me on how to  integrate Mungo into our family. In 2 months he become obedient, settled in well  and performs numerous tricks on command.  He also helped my grand-daughter, who has autism overcome her fear of dogs. She is now completely comfortable with dogs and cannot wait to go to the park and play with “her pack”

Bernadette & Tony Gye

We would recommend Robert as an excellent dog trainer.

He is patient, caring and professional in his interaction with both dogs and owners. Dogs just love him.

Our dog, Indie, had an initial private training session with him and we continue to have ongoing support for any issues that arise re her training. Rob is very generous in sharing his knowledge and also the stunning photos he takes of the dogs.

Julie Murphy

Robert was crucial in helping me understand not only my dog but his breed (English Pointer) I was near wits end until I came across him at Centennial Park. He was so knowledgeable and willing to help, now I’m always two steps ahead of my dog and his cheeky antics


I got to know Robert some years ago when he walked and trained my Hungarian Viszla, Oskar. So when a new little dog, Greta, came into my life, I turned to Robert for help. This first year with an energetic and sometimes willful German Short-haired Pointer (GSP) pup, have been full of fun and challenges. Robert has been an amazing and gentle instructor. Greta, the GSP, joined Robert’s group of dogs at 15 weeks of age and was gradually inducted into dog manners and the pecking order of the group, building her confidence. The dogs Robert works with have learned respect and self-control, they look for his queues and are alert to his instructions – amazing to watch. Robert’s deep knowledge of the ‘mind of the dog’ is clear to see in how he works with complex dog behaviours. Most important of all, the dogs have such fun. Of course the humans learn just as much as the dogs!


I met Robert after my beautiful, unruly and gorgeous boxer puppy, Eric had been walking me for 3hrs! (None of the above words were how I described him at the time!) In one lesson, Robert taught me how to start to work with and connect with Eric. 18 months later of hard work on training me (still more to learn) Eric is a delight, well mannered part of the family – I can even take him to friends places as he sit quietly on his mat. Eric adores Robert and you need only mention his name and Eric is on best behaviour and ready to go to the park!’

Virginia Turner

I first met Robert whilst walking my dog 6 years ago. In the subsequent years, he has not only walked my dogs but, more importantly, he has really helped to identify & address training opportunities. Robert has a deep understanding of dogs and they respond to him. He is extremely generous in sharing his knowledge & skills, often stopping to talk to people he notices are struggling with their dogs to offer tips & advice. He is frequently seen with Viszlas & German Short-haired Pointers but I have seen him help owners of many different breeds of dog in recent years. In my own experience, Robert has provided clear, practical, advice which works. My dogs are always so thrilled when we meet Robert on our walks and I continue to benefit from his tremendous insights and knowledge sharing.