Puppy Training

Puppies don’t arrive at your home pre-trained. They need to be taught how to behave. My goal is for you to have a dog you can take anywhere with you. A happy well adjusted dog will be welcome everywhere you go. A dog that your friends will be happy to baby sit should the need arise.

The key to this is learning how to communicate with your puppy. Rewarding them with treats alone simply won’t work. Your puppy needs to understand why it is being rewarded, so that it learns what it needs to do in order to be rewarded again. New puppy owners often become frustrated because their puppy is not behaving the way they would like. It’s not the dog’s fault. Your dog wants nothing more than to please you, but that’s not going to happen if he/she doesn’t understand what you want.

In  the comfort of your home and free from external distractions, I will teach you how to communicate and form a strong bond with your dog.

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